Community Engagement


A New Community Arts Project!

Linden Murals of Empowerment

We are pleased to announce a new public art initiative in Columbus. The team that composes Linden Murals of Empowerment (LME) will capitalize on the power of community muralism to facilitate public dialogues and discussions about the preponderance of structural inequality and racism in Linden, a predominantly Black neighborhood in Columbus that suffers from the negative effects of institutionalized racism. LME will create 10 community-initiated murals in the neighborhood to foster civic participation, community healing, and youth empowerment. LME will promote diversity, equity and racial justice by empowering youth of color in Linden. The team will strive to build up their self-esteem by cultivating their creativity and placing a high premium on their feelings and aspirations.

The LME team is composed of Guisela Latorre (Professor, Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies), Njeri Kagotho (Associate Professor, Social Work), Becca Persons (MSW & MPAL Graduate Student), Karen Hutzel (Professor and Dean, University of North Texas), Andrea Russell (North Linden Area Commission), Francesca Miller (All People Arts), Shelbi Harris-Roseboro (All People Arts) and John Lathram III (independent artist.)

LME is made possible through grants from the Global Arts and Humanities Discovery Theme and the Seed Fund for Racial Justice.

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BLM Mural created by Francesca Miller
Mural completed by LME lead artist Francesca Miller in June 2020 during the Black Lives Matter protests in Downtown Columbus.


Photo of community BLM mural done by Becca Persons
Community mural completed by Becca Persons along with community participants in June 2020 during the Black Lives Matter protests in Downtown Columbus.