Awards & Grants


The Center for Ethnic Studies has revised its Spring 2020 travel grants program to award a number of small grants for the Spring 2020 term of up to $500 to undergraduate, graduate students, and CES faculty presenting papers or conducting research. This includes accessing materials unavailable during the COVID 19 outbreak and thus need not be oriented around travel. Due to recent developments, the deadline for Spring 2020 grant applications has been extended to April 10, 2020.

Please note that the application only require a project description of 500-100 words, along with accompanying budget for Spring. However, a letter of acceptance to a conference or permission to conduct research should be included with any applications involving travel for Summer 2020.

***Final awards are subject to approval by the college.


Eligibility Requirements

Please note that only undergraduate students enrolled in the Minor in Latina/o Studies, Asian American Studies, and/or American Indian Studies, graduate students in the Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Latina/o Studies, or CES faculty are eligible for this award.

If you are not (yet) enrolled in these Ethnic Studies programs but have taken significant coursework in any of them, please include the relevant information in your application (course number(s), title(s), year(s) and instructor(s)). 

Complete applications will consist of the following:

  1. A completed online application form.
  2. Other documents, uploaded and attached to the electronic application form, including:
    1. verification that the applicant’s paper has been accepted for conference presentation (a letter of acceptance or a link to the conference program where the applicant’s name is listed) or that the applicant has permission to conduct research at the relevant site (library, archives, etc.)
    2. a project description of 500-1000 words (**please note we are no longer requiring an accompanying bibliography**)
    3. verification of IRB approval for the research project (if applicable)
    4. résumé or c.v.
  3. **Please note that we are no longer requiring a letter of support from the applicant’s adviser or from a faculty member with whom the applicant has worked closely on the conference paper or research project, but if you still choose to request one, please have faculty address the letter to Nick Spitulski (, Center for Ethnic Studies, 455 Hagerty Hall, 1775 College Road.

Awards are competitive (i.e., reviewed by a selection committee) and will be decided on the basis of the significance of the travel to the student's academic and/or professional development and the potential for the student's work to contribute to greater understanding of the field in which they are working. Please also note that previous recipients are permitted to reapply for these grants, but that, all else equal, first-time applicants will receive priority consideration.

Travel to Risk Designated Locations

University supported travel to risk designated locations requires review and may entail restrictions or stipulations.

Undergraduate Students

  • Ohio State scholarship or grant funding for travel to risk designated countries is restricted to travel on approved education abroad programs listed in the Office of International Affairs (OIA) education abroad search engine or other university managed travel approved by the International Travel Policy Committee (ITPC).­
  • Ohio State scholarship or grant funding for individual travel to countries with a specific risk designated region(s) requires review of the proposed itinerary relevant to the excluded regions. Individual undergraduate travel to restricted region(s) is not eligible for funding.

Graduate and Professional Students

  • ­ Ohio State scholarship and grant awards for individual travel to risk designated countries requires the submission of a petition and ITPC approval.  
  • ­ Ohio State scholarship or grant funding for individual travel to countries with a specific risk designated region(s) requires review of the proposed itinerary relevant to the excluded regions. Individual travel to restricted region(s) requires the submission of a petition and ITPC approval.
  • ­ The petition process factors academic rationale and an individual safety proposal into consideration. Petitions should be submitted at least 60-days in advance of travel and prior to utilization of university funding.    

For further information on the ITPC risk designated policy or the petition process, please contact international risk management at

Travel Registration and Insurance Enrollment

Ohio State students using university scholarship or grant funding for individual travel to international locations are required to register their travel. Travel Registration includes completion of emergency response information, access to pre-departure health and safety modules and enrollment in the supplemental international insurance. The insurance includes specific coverage for medical care, medical evacuation, repatriation, and political security and natural disaster evacuation. There is a modest daily rate for the insurance enrollment that students should calculate into budget proposals for funding. Students participating in education abroad programming coordinated through OIA are already registered in the system and automatically enrolled in the supplemental international insurance. 

For additional information, please visit the Office of International Affair's Education Abroad - Health and Safety webpage.