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The Center for Ethnic Studies (CES) brings together three units for collaboration and cooperation in research, programming, teaching, and student support: Latinx Studies, Asian American Studies, and American Indian Studies. Historically, these academic programs came into being in higher education as the result of civil rights movements that advocated not only for equality for these groups throughout society, but also for a wider societal understanding of the complex histories, experiences, literatures, arts, and cultures of these diverse populations.

CES continues in this tradition by working to expand what all of us can know about the nexus of racial, ethnic, cultural, gender, and sexual difference through research and teaching. As interdisciplinary programs, we include faculty and students from many fields and colleges at OSU. In addition to research and teaching, our faculty and students are involved in community education and outreach efforts as well as collaborative projects in humanities and performance research, forging new pathways in higher education.

CES works with partners across the university to advance the study of persistent inequalities that fuel continued underrepresentation for many; to deepen our humanities-based knowledge and understanding of American Indians, Latinxs, and Asian Americans; and to explore the dynamic interconnections for these populations between their lives in the U.S. and other parts of the globe. 

CES offers three undergraduate minors and one graduate GIS. The Asian American Studies Undergraduate Minor, the Latinx Studies Undergraduate Minor, the American Indian Studies Undergraduate Minor and the Latinx Studies Graduate Specialization. Follow the links or visit our program pages for more information on minoring in one of our programs.

For more information, go to our "Contact" page and join our mailing list, follow us on social media and contact center directors and staff. 

Check out our newly published promotional video where our current directors speak about the CES and its programs: https://youtu.be/_zkN0hMy8To.